ETH, SOL, DOT, NGMI are all Bitcoin wannabes – period.


ETH, SOL, DOT are all wannabes – period. The only purpose they serve is hype and speculation (from Bitcoin’s transformational excitement) and pump and dumps. End of story.

ETH is a failed experiment by some young dude that thought he could “make a better bitcoin that does more things” and then sold a bunch of his eth FOR BITCOIN. “please standby, trying another upgrade to patch holes and try a fix experiment with your money – maybe next year”.

There is no actual use case for any of them period. “OMG ! I can buy a kitty cat cartoon or a human looking worm pic thing” that comes with a fee equal to a week’s worth of groceries.

You may be put off as I speak like this but I do not bs my way around obvious facts.

Sooner or later all alts are going to 0.

Lightning is so cheap it’s nearly free and can handle like 25,000,000 transactions per second.

Visa does 1500 and mastercard 5000.

A big whack of on-chain transactions (each it’s own LN channel open or close with perhaps a year or more worth of LN transactions in each one) can all be bundled together (starting in Nov with taproot upgrade) into one single transaction settled to Bitcoin (a totally decentralized secure network of energy).

You literally won’t be able to tell if a bitcoin transaction is 1 transaction or thousands of transactions containing thousands of transactions. Wrap your head around that power right there! Freedom and privacy abound.

Billions of dollars worth of commerce can be settled to Bitcoin for pocket change.

The race to “cheaper faster” is OVER.

Bitcoin is truly decentralized money and wealth storage controlled by no one. It’s time has come. It is rapidly expanding and eating everything in it’s path.

Most of these alt projects are where the scams, greed and tomfoolery exist. Don’t buy into the “complex promises” they make on their fancy project websites urging you to run and hurry to an exchange and trade your dollars for the “tech of tomorrow”.

For settlement, Bitcoin’s mempool is rocking, even at $63k and a flurry of activity, fees are low as they can go 1 sat/vB (virtual byte) to jump onto a block.

Check it out live:

Bitcoin mempool.
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