How Do I Buy Bitcoins?

Good day. Grandpa here. “How do I buy Bitcoins?” is a great question on a lot of minds as soon as they hear that the #1 performing investment in the world right now is Bitcoin.


You want some. I want some. Soon everyone will want some and the price is surely to go up as Main Street becomes more and more aware of Bitcoin each day. Buying Bitcoin right now seems like a very good investment. If a big entity like Amazon begins to accept Bitcoin as payment then Whoa! The stampede will be thunderous and the price of Bitcoin will likely shoot to the moon.

Here is a few steps you can take in just seconds to buy yourself some Bitcoin.

Get an Online Bitcoin Wallet

    • First start by obtaining a FREE online Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase. Grandpa has negotiated a deal for you at Coinbase that gives you $10 in FREE Bitcoin by signing up for a free account with a digital wallet and then buying or selling some Bitcoin. Get $10 worth of Bitcoin absolutely FREE for using my invite. I’ll get $10 too. Win Win! Everyone loves free money!
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    • Once you have your online wallet setup at Coinbase simply click on Buy/Sell and purchase any amount of Bitcoin you feel comfortable with.

Once you buy some Bitcoin you can send some to any person, group or business in the world who has a BTC wallet address.

Buying your first bit of Bitcoin is an exciting time. I still remember opening my first digital wallet from Coinbase. I bought $100 worth of Bitcoin and then instantly received the $10 bonus. I went to sleep and woke to my wallet having $122 worth of Bitcoin in it.

Bitcoin had gained over 10% in value while I slept!

I sipped on some delicious hazelnut coffee and thought to myself, “WOW, this is incredible. Is this real?” Life is good! I then sent some of my new Bitcoin to another wallet I setup at an online exchange called Bittrex where I have fun trading Bitcoin for smaller newer cryptocurrencies and back to Bitcoin. I usually try and trade small hyped up cryptos for a 10% profit and then only sell back what I need to to break even. Often I can do this in a matter of seconds. This way I am accumulating lots of small bits of cryptocurrencies for free so to speak and just save them in my wallet in case they grow 10,000%. Of course I don’t always hit 10% in a quick trade. Sometimes I lose a bit and quickly exit but often I hit for huge gains.

I could go on and on about how much fun I have had since discovering Bitcoin, buying my first bit of Bitcoin and getting my first piece of the action with online cryptocurrency trading.

The word on the street is Bitcoin could hit $100,000 or even $1,000,000 for a single Bitcoin in just a few short years. There are only ever to be 21 million Bitcoins in existence so you should buy some right away. Even if you just buy it and hold it, it could make you rich.


How Do You Earn Bitcoins?

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How Do I Buy Bitcoins?
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How Do I Buy Bitcoins?
You want some. I want some. Soon everyone will want some and the price is surely to go up as Main Street becomes more and more aware of Bitcoin each day.
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Grandpa Bitcoin
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