How Do You Earn Bitcoins?

Good day. Grandpa here. “How do you earn Bitcoins?”. There are several ways to earn Bitcoins. I will go over some of these for you here.

  • Earn Bitcoins by mining

    • The easiest way to start mining for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is to buy hashpower at a reputable cloud mining provider. Participation in cloud mining is easy without any of the hassle of building a mining rig or dealing with expensive power bills. You simply buy hashpower, enter a wallet address and watch your profits come in. This is very exciting at the moment as the value of many cryptocurrencies are rising. I just keep banking and reinvesting some of my cloud mining profits to buy more hashpower. Give it a go. It’s easy to get started. Simply click this link and set whatever dollar amount you want to get started: Best Cloud Mining Deal. Bitcoin is soaring in both value and popularity right now so cloud mining hashpower often sells out.
    • Alternatively home based miners use special programs to solve math problems and are issued bitcoins in exchange for this work. You can download and run these programs to mine with your computer and graphics card.
      How much Bitcoin and cryptocurrency you can mine depends on your hardware, how good your graphics card is and also which cryptocurrency you are mining. You can make money while you sleep with an everyday ordinary home computer. Gaming computers with real strong graphic cards work best. The earnings are small with a single computer but add up over time. Plus the value of the cryptocurrency you are mining is often trending up in value. For this reason it is best to join a mining pool and work in a group with other miners combining all of your power. Here is my recommendation for the best place to download mining software to run on your computer: Best Bitcoin Mining Software.

Earn Bitcoins by accepting them as payment

    • Accepting Bitcoins as payment is super easy. For brick and mortar businesses you first start by obtaining an online Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase. Grandpa has negotiated a deal for you at Coinbase that gives you $10 in FREE Bitcoin by signing up for a free account and wallet and then buying or selling a little Bitcoin. Everyone loves free money! Get yours here.
    • qr-code-for-accepting-bitcoin-paymentsOnce you have your online wallet setup at Coinbase simply click on Tools in their menu. You will see your Bitcoin wallet addresses displayed. Simply click on Details to the right of your Bitcoin wallet address to show the QR-code. Print this and place it next to your cash register. Enthusiastic customers who use Bitcoin will be happy to see this. They will open an app on their phone, scan your QR-code and make a payment easily.
    • Finally get a “Bitcoin Accepted Here” sign and display it in your store and on your door or front window.

There are no credit card or debit card fees when you accept Bitcoin as payment. <-YEEHAW!


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How Do You Earn Bitcoins?
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How Do You Earn Bitcoins?
Good day. Grandpa here. "How do you earn Bitcoins?". There are several ways to earn Bitcoins. I will go over some of these for you here.
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