Online Rumors of Ripple Being Added to Coinbase?

Grandpa says, “not a chance, I doubt it.”

Now I’m not going to do what John McAfee said about Bitcoin hitting $1M by 2020 and “eat my d*ck if I’m wrong” but I just don’t think so!

Ripple is centralized and run by big banks. That is contrary to what Coinbase has listed as criteria (must be decentralized) for a coin or token to be added. Specifically section 1.1 says that to be considered the network must be public, decentralized and enable trustless consensus. A currency run by big banks is not decentralized and really not in the spirit of Bitcoin at all. Ripple is valuable and useful and I love that it is a cheaper solution to moving around large sums of money by banks and countries. Although I won’t hold my breath that any banks will pass on these savings to us the consumers as Ripple leaves the Swift wire transfer system in the dust this year.

Plus this industry is not regulated at all and the ppl who run Ripple are very smart big banker types. In my opinion they manipulate and will control the price of Ripple. Remember it sitting at .19 -.20 for weeks while all other cryptos swinging all over the place? They did that.

Check out this informative video by Sunny Decree: (Sunny knows his sh*t!)

This is all just my opinion and not financial advice from a professional. I’m just an old man living it up, trading cryptos and having fun.

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Ripple on Coinbase? My Take On Ripple
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Ripple on Coinbase? My Take On Ripple
Grandpa Bitcoin discusses the rampant online rumors of Coinbase listing Ripple. Grandpa gives you his opinion whether you like it or not. What do you think will be added to Coinbase next?
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Grandpa Bitcoin
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