We are the lucky ones who own Bitcoin.

We are the lucky early ones who own bitcoin.

It’s success isn’t tied to some apocalyptic scenario where the dollar and society have collapsed or anything like that. Bitcoin is already a success and will continue to do just fine without the world going to hell or the USA collapsing.


It simply works better for many things. For example, someone moved 1,000,000,000 dollars across the planet the other day trustless peer to peer using Bitcoin and the fee was $1.75 and it took around 15 min or so. Impossible with the legacy system.

1 BTC = 100,000,000 sats and 100,000,000,000 millisats. On the lightning network a single sat can be broken down into a thousand pieces which can shoot across the planet at near the speed of light carrying millions and millions of transactions per second. That capability alone will change the entire internet long term. (read about the new suggested Satcomma Standard)

I imagine in the near future that sats and millisats will be used for just about every transaction on earth and the value of just about everything on earth will be determined in Bitcoin sats. This will happen without grandma even needing to know how. It will just be.

For instance, how much time would you save in your life if spam was simply obliterated? If a few millisats is required to send an email there would be no more spam. If all transactions were ultimately settled on the “timechain” ledger then double spending – gone, much of fraud gone, many banking services – gone, the need to “trust” that your money will make it – gone, money printers that go brrrr – gone and much more.

Only fools don’t turn some dollars into bitcoin after learning about it. Freedom is a big component. The tech itself will change everything.

I’m nearly certain that those who own Bitcoin today will feel “very lucky” a decade from now for having discovered it before 99% of the planet becomes involved with it in their everyday life, mostly without even knowing it. By that time there will likely be an unthinkable amount of dollars attached to it using it in ways not even invented.

I think the near future contains “hash wars” between countries like the USA and Russia competing to mine it because of all this.

Do you have any thoughts on how Bitcoin will change the world? If so please share with a comment to discuss.

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